EP by Ninjaspark, released on 2024-06-12


Ninjaspark – Extraliv

After a 13-year hiatus, the chip music legends Ninjaspark have returned to the scene. In a nod to their heyday, the band has revived an old live favorite, “Dansmattan”, which was never officially released, giving it a complete overhaul. This revitalized sound paved the way for their first brand-new track, “Extraliv”. The title, translating to “1UP” in English, symbolizes the band’s comeback, encapsulating the initial euphoria of their early days, the sorrow of their split, and culminating in the triumph of an unexpected “extra life”.

“Skepnadsskiftare”, or “shapeshifter”, uniquely transforms at the stroke of midnight, presenting as two distinct songs. “Fulsnygg” is a paradoxically catchy tune that blends grit with grace, and the final track, “Spåra Ur”, sees the trio venturing into uncharted territory, aiming for a sound more avant-garde than their usual fare.

Original cover photo by Jenny Manninen.

  1. Dansmattan (Marras Remix)
  2. Extraliv
  3. Skepnadsskiftare
  4. Fulsnygg
  5. Spåra Ur