Are Fucking Dead

EP by Ninjaspark, released on 2011-12-10


Ninjaspark – Are Fucking Dead

Swedish bitpop sensation Ninjaspark (“Ninja kick”) was formed in December 2006 and exactly five years later the band deforms with a big bang in the combination of a farewell show and a remix EP with previously unreleased material.

During its brief career Ninjaspark has performed in Sweden, Norway and France and on numerous occations their shows have been forced to stop on accounts of public safety and sanity. The band has also appeared on the national TV show “Talang” where their bitpop performace made the jury turn them down in extremely harsh words that only made the band even more popular!

After five years of creating havoc the time has come to move on and it is with great sorrow we bid Ninjaspark farewell with a powerful kick on the chin.

  1. Skolavslutning ´90 (Boy Vs. Bacteria Remix)
  2. Danskjävlar (JSF Remix)
  3. Lustiga Huset (Yeah Someday Remix)
  4. Lo-Fi In Outer Space (Twilight Electric Remix)