Ninjaspark, a Swedish band, made waves in the world of bitpop. Let’s dive into their musical journey:

  1. Formation and Debut Album:
    • Ninjaspark was formed in December 2006.
    • Their debut album, titled “Discot i vårt hjärta” (which translates to “Disco in Our Hearts”), was released on February 12, 2010. The album featured tracks like “Danskjävlar,” “Du Är Discot I Mitt Hjärta,” and “Rullskridskodisco.”
  2. Remixes and Unreleased Material:
  3. Members:
    • Ninjaspark consisted of the following members:
      • Linus Wadström
      • Pär Fredriksson
      • Jim Knutsson
      • Erik Berglinden
  4. Legacy:

Their blend of bitpop and electronic beats left an indelible mark, and their music continues to resonate with fans.

Featured Releases: