New Godlike compilation

Summertime is usually slow in the music business so we decied to change that! July 2012 is going to see some massive activity with no less than three new releases from Electric Fantastic Sound…

First out is an 18 track compilation from electro pop deites Godlike called “The Director’s Collection”. Pär and Christopher collected their previous singles, threw in their trademark Christmas songs and added some unreleased tracks and a couple of demos and finally Diskodiktator added a remix of an unfinished song called “Twentyone”.

The song “It Will Be Godlike” was rewarded with the label Song of the Year when it was released and the compilation also includes the duet “Underground” with S.P.O.C.K vocalist Alexander Hofman. Release date is set to July 2 – don’t miss it!

Pär and Christopher can’t wait to hear your reactions.