Gretta Gunn 10″ white vinyl

Our Irish friend Gretta Gunn recently released a debut 10″ vinyl called “The Hunt” that is highly recommended. You can get it directly from the artist by clicking here!

Irish Times raves “The Co Kildare-based producer’s new three-track EP is a fine showcase for her wibbly-wobbly punky electropop. The fiesty ‘Bop’ will stick to your ears like bubblegum after just one listen” and Juno Plus says “All of this is wrapped in beautifully presented artwork which exudes a kind of smoky, classic charm, with Gunn taking on a Barbarella-esque sultry superhero persona on the cover. The record itself is a creamy white affair, suggesting Gunn is something of a vinyl fetishist. An impressive debut in every way – the bar has been set.”

Gretta Gunn during one of her shows.