I Will Always Come Back To You

EP by Diskodiktator, released on 2024-05-20


Diskodiktator – I Will Always Come Back To You

What would happen if you could rewrite history and change things that in retrospect didn’t turn out the way they were meant to be? In the Diskodiktator songbook there are tracks that keep coming back and that may never be fully finished, but at least this is an attempt to revive some of these old projects and carefully polish them with the skills and technology that simply wasn’t there when these songs were recorded in the first place. The title of the EP refers to these tracks, not to the ACJ in the cover art.

  1. Someone Like You (2024 Redux)
  2. Oh Valerie (2024 Redux)
  3. Never Cry (2024 Redux)
  4. Pages Of Her Diary (feat. Kristina Junzell) (2024 Redux)
  5. I Just Want You (2024 Redux)

The song “Never Cry” was originally released on the single “Big City Night Life” in 2005, and “Oh Valerie” and “Pages Of Her Diary” on “Oh Valerie” from 2006. The other songs are previously unreleased.

During the sifting through the data we even managed to extract the content of the secret entry at the end of “Pages Of Her Diary”:

Life isn’t so easy for a red eyed girl like me and sometimes it’s not fair, not fair at all.
Who knew it would turn out like this?
Was it supposed to be like this?
Who am I and why? Why? Why?
I don’t know a thing.
I know it’s life, I know life is unfair and that everybody’s a stranger to me.
And why are you even reading my diary?
You can’t control me!
So, today, yesterday, I met him, the one I’ve told you about.
He’s so sweet but I know that I could never get close to him, but I wish.
Lost for life.