Inte Så Svårt

Single by Diskodiktator, released on 2014-03-31


Diskodiktator – Inte Så Svårt

The last few years haven’t been easy for Swedish electro pop outfit Diskodiktator; the latest signs of life were a couple of completely out of line cover albums (“Five Year Mission” by S.P.O.C.K and “Degraded Faces” by Elegant Machinery, both also Swedish bands in the electronic genre) and a string of unrelated singles and remixes for other bands. In fact all seemed lost when the band decided to make a new cover album in the autumn of 2013. After browsing their vast musical archives Diskodiktator didn’t even come up with a full album but picked out various songs by various artists. Working with these tracks something soon became very clear: nothing came out the way they wanted it to.

Having tried everything in their power Johan Billing and Magnus Johansson, the two members of the band, threw everything out except for the basic arrangements and drum programming and made up new songs based on those fragments and magic happened!

After having spent the last parts of 2013 penning new songs a selection was made and those tracks were then properly produced into something that is old and new at the same time.

Johan explains it like this: “Singing in English has always been a way for us to distance ourselves from the lyrics – when you’re not working in your native tongue a lot of the sincerity gets lost and we really wanted this album to come out as something truly genuine and honest.”

The new album is called “Malmö C” in honor of the bands hometown Malmö in southern Sweden. A proper release date for the album, mastered by Brian Hazard of Color Theory fame, is yet to be set but expect a late May 2014 release. The first single taken from the album is called “Inte så svårt” (which roughly translated to English is “Not So Hard”) and tells the story of living in the city.

Diskodiktator released their debut cassette “Music For Porno” in 1996 and has since then provided the audience with several demos, singles, albums, compilations and mixtapes – not to mention remixes for numerous other bands. Some of those remix favors were called as the new single was reworked by Beborn Beton from Germany, TopGun and Social Ambitions from Sweden on a special remix single called “Inte så svart” (with the last word in the title intentionally changed from “hard” to “black”).

  1. Inte Så Svårt