The Fuzz

EP by Atari Cowboy, released on 2011-10-05


Atari Cowboy – The Fuzz

Based in Malmö, Sweden the electro rock outfit Atari Cowboy has taken a stroll from their original habitat and the result of this journey has ended up in the form of a five track EP named The Fuzz. This release is now available on Electric Fantastic Sound.

It’s time to put on your best boots, crank up the volume and enjoy this one hundred percent auto tune free record! Even with baby steps, this is one way to keep yourself out of harm’s way and a sure fire way to avoid the commercial waste produced by the major corporations.

Atari Cowboy is Jonas Avertoft, Magnus Johansson and Markus Wallén. The band was formed in Malmö in 2008 and the founding father Jonas – also known for his antics in the well known electro punk group Cat Rapes Dog – decided he needed a new output for his more electronic tunes, all mixed up with a sense of grunge.

The band has already performed in Sweden and the United Kingdom and has gathered a cult following in Germany. The shows are convincing in their amazing raw and honest performances and vocalist Jonas constantly flies off and on stage, making his travels reach as far as the microphone cord allows him. The audience is never in any real danger – the only things being thrown from stage is candy and sweet chaos.

Inspired by acts like Joy Division, Soft Cell, IAMX and Nirvana this group of hooligans will tract to the listeners ears like an electronic ball and chain, but in a really nice way.

  1. You Make This Shit Go Away
  2. The Fuzz
  3. Neonlight
  4. Sweet Chaos
  5. Everything You Wish For