Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011

Album by Various Artists, released on 2011-09-19


Various Artists – Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011

Since the founding of the label in 2005 Electric Fantastic Sound has released a sampler of its artists every year. In 2011 the collection contains twenty tracks from as many artists from Sweden, Finland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy and France – a truly pan-European collage of contemporary electronic pop in the most generous sense of the word.

Containing everything from the energetic pulses of Nena And The Superyeahs to the enigmatic swirling of Slutet to the retro-tastic synth pop of Social Ambitions to the coolness of Gretta Gunn this album has something for everyone!

Electric Fantastic Sound is on the forefront of modern music and the tracks on this specially priced collection are either previously released or are on their way to hit the stores.

  1. Social Ambitions – Commandments
  2. Nena & The Superyeahs – A Little Of You
  3. Gretta Gunn – Bop
  4. Atari Cowboy – Autotune Your Life
  5. Disco Wacko – Friendly Teddy
  6. The Crashlanders – När Vi Faller
  7. Departed – Until The Moment Comes
  8. Mockba80 – Falling
  9. N_Sambo – When I’m Alone
  10. Ninjaspark – Rullskridskodisco (FuwaFuwa Remix)
  11. Flux – Concrete
  12. Libra – Fullfilled
  13. Quelles Paroles – Terms Of Alloy
  14. Decency – Doesn’t Matter
  15. Slutet – Psykbryt (Kontinentaleuropa Remix)
  16. New Modern Angels – S:t Petersburg (Edit)
  17. Spilstar – Zombie
  18. The Garland Cult – Ether feat. SynthetikFM
  19. The Thought Criminals – Pay Her To Lay Her
  20. Diskodiktator – Never Trust A Klingon (Edit)