Electric Fantastic Christmas 2007

Album by Various Artists, released on 2007-12-04


Various Artists – Electric Fantastic Christmas 2007

Electric Fantastic Sound compiled 12 electronic Christmas tracks, including brand new exclusive songs and timeless classics from all over the world! For more information about this compilation and/or the artists on it please visit the official Electric Fantastic Sound homepage at www.electricfantasticsound.com

Thank you very much to our guest stars Tiger Baby, PLAS-TICK, Hyperbubble and EkoBrottsMyndigheten for taking part in this international experiment.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Romantica – Home For Christmas
  2. Godlike – Haooy Christmas (War Is Over)
  3. Tiger Baby – This Christmas (Single Version)
  4. Libra – All For You
  5. Centrum – Staffan Var En Stalledräng
  6. PLAS-TICK – Last Christmas
  7. Quelles Paroles – December 24th
  8. Hyperbubble – Away In A Manger
  9. The Thought Criminals – Party ‘Till The Police Come
  10. EkoBrottsMyndigheten – Dansa Nu Då, Tomtejävel!
  11. Neurobash – Mistress For X-Mas
  12. Diskodiktator – Christmas Groove