Physical Releases

For various reasons we did produce some “physical releases”, such as CDs and even a vinyl LP, but also colourful badges and promotional postcards. While the items displayed here belongs in our private museum, some specimens might still actually be found on the open market.

Badges | CD | Music Cassette | Promotional Postcards | Vinyl LP


Sadly enough almost all of our remaining stock have started to rust. In their prime though, these badges were simply the nicest fashion statement you could possibly wear!

Compact Discs

Sometimes we had to release something on CD, sometimes to satisfy a demand by fans or artists, but most often just to keep the economist at bay as the financial losses were deductable from the annual result.

Music Cassette

The 2008 label sampler “Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008” was released digitally but also on a special edition orange music cassette with a different track list and some very tactile aesthetics.

Promotional Postcards

For a while the label produced a number of promotional postcards that were sent out to family, friends, fans or just about anyone we could find the address to…

Vinyl LP

Popular music group Raba-HIFF insisted on putting out a vinyl version of their album “FRBFRT STHLM” so how could we say no?