First new Flux review

Our nice Belgian friends at Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine gives Flux and the new single “Concrete” a whooping 87 out of 100 possible points and who are we to argue with such good taste?

…the song is absolutely beautiful and timeless.

‘Concrete’ could have been released in any of the previous years but could also just be out in 15 years time, as the song is absolutely beautiful and timeless. As a welcome addition, we get 3 additional mixes of the track with Christopher Anton (Information Society) adding a slight club feeling. Foretaste on the other hand add their touch of slightly cold wave inspired synthpop, and they have so far never managed to disappoint when it comes to remixing. Diskodiktator re-imagining the song as 1982 track with the knowledge of today, another winner!

Dennis Ohrt, Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine

Link to the review.