Single by Social Ambitions, released on 2011-08-01


Social Ambitions – Commandments

The Swedish duo Social Ambitions seals the summer with their brand new single ”Commandments” – a large, intense and electronic track with influences from Manchester, Berlin and Vince Clarke. The group that consists of Anders Karlsson and Mikael Arborelius was formed in 2006 and after a collection of singles their critically acclaimed debut album ”Almost Gone”was released in 2010, an album that was nominated as Album of the Year in ”Manifestgalan 2011”, the Swedish alternative Grammy Awards!

Vocalist Anders Karlsson says ”Commandments is the perfect song for a long hot summers night when you’ve stopped thinking of what is right or wrong. It is a large track that also represents our development since the debut album from last year. A little more direct, a little more energy and with a very in-your-face message.” Keyboardist Mikael Arborelius continues ”The track is abour love and understanding, about internal and external biddings – commandments. About commandments that can be both invigorating and counteractive in life and what it means to break or follow these rules. Which commandments the listener has to decide for themselves – we know what WE mean.”

The single is produced and recorded in the groups own studio in central Stockholm, Sweden but mastered by Robin Rudén at the famous Music A Matic studio in Gothenburg. Anders says ”The result was far better than we expected! We like the way the production was lifted and both the lyrics and the melodies are clearly visible. Robin usually works with guitar based indie pop and he has approached our songs in a completely different way than we’re used to.”

Social Ambitions has continued their cooperation with designed Thomas Berger of Berger-Berger in Stockholm who designed the cover art for the single. The band will perform at the 2011 Stockholm Pride among other places during the late summer and early autumn while at the same time working on new material.

  1. Commandments
  2. Paris