Blue Box EP

EP by Disco Wacko, released on 2011-08-08


Disco Wacko – Blue Box EP

Electric Fantastic Sound proudly presents the debut EP from the French indie electro project Disco Wacko, the new channel of Pedro Rousseau. The Blue Box EP is inspired by the legend of Pandora’s box but also with references to the David Lynch movie “Mulholland Drive” and in general the contents of the box is very much different from what Rousseau normally writes.

Being a part of the band Fresh Body Shop some songs written by Rousseau didn’t fit that context and that was the birth of Disco Wacko. Pedro continued writing new tracks in a more electronic style but still with the same pop oriented core as in Fresh Body Shop.

The tracks were produced and recorded by Disco Wacko in his studio at night. For technical and personal reasons nighttime is the time when Disco Wacko is at its peak performance. Rousseau says “I usually write and record music alone at night, it’s my favourite moment. I’ve tried to record music with other persons around but I find it really hard. To me, writing music is like painting, you have your own idea of your creation and it’s very personal. You don’t want anyone else to come and add some more color or different shapes to your vision.”

Disco Wacko is all about electro pop in a very exaggerated way. About the birth of the band Rousseau says “I recorded a first version of this song [“I Don’t Know Dr Psycho”] but my friends didn’t like it – except for a weird passage where I sang with this high pitched voice. I kept coming back to this song and decided to record a new version and to make it sound more like a gay pride anthem, something really over the top.”

It might be classed as ironic or not so serious but Pedro explains “This music may come from a weird mind but it still contains contagious melodies.”

  1. Friendly Teddy
  2. I Don’t Know Dr Psycho
  3. Blue Box
  4. I Don’t Know Dr Psycho (CIRC Remix)