Alien Alien Worlds

Album by Diskodiktator, released on 2015-06-06


Diskodiktator – Alien Alien Worlds

1995: Sweden joins the European Union, the subway in Tokyo is attacked with serine gas, Microsoft launches Windows 95, and Swedish space pop group “S.P.O.C.K.” release their second album “Alien Worlds” with such classic tracks as “All ETs aren’t nice” and “Astro Girl”…

Twenty years later the acclaimed music group “Disco Dictator Electric Orchestra” does the impossible! Where other bands take a single hit song and cover it, “Disco dictator” covers a whole album!

Ten tracks already filled with tales of space now contain even more space, as these wonderful songs have been carefully reanimated with an up to date electronic sound.

“Disco Dictator Electric Orchestra” has done it before; the S.P.O.C.K. debut album “Five Year Mission” was covered a few years ago but this is something completely different! In fact it is SO alien we had to add an additional alien to the title!

  1. Mirror World
  2. Astro Girl
  3. All ETs Aren’t Nice
  4. Take Me To The Stars
  5. Trouble With Tribbles
  6. Abducted
  7. PS9
  8. Lost In Space
  9. Cosmic Boy
  10. Space Is The Place