Love Toys & Molotovs

Album by Yva & The Toy George, released on 2013-10-21


Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs

Yva & The Toy George is a one-girl electro band that makes you jump yourself inside-out during live concerts with her sharp, fat beats and engaging lyrics. Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Yva has developed her style and musical career after moving to Rome, Italy, where she got involved in various music projects and guitar bands, including also electro-noise and the DJ-ing scene. One girl and a Korg groovebox named Toy George have never been such an enchanting combination! Moreover, Yva selects dancey tunes for happy jumping parties, and she also plays synths in the no wave duo “Le Truc Und Die Maschine”. Released 2013-10-21.

  1. Apocalypso
  2. Dancin Dancin
  3. World Wow III
  4. Wattagot
  5. Nevolja
  6. Digital Nanbao
  7. Under A Disco Ball
  8. Dogwood Doomgod
  9. The Real Ultracheap