Album by Topgun, released on 2013-04-26


Topgun – Container

“In order to move on, it´s time to finish what started 15 years ago, to make a stand and let go…”

The story begins back in 1998 in a room with a view over the Gothenburg harbour, a collection of vintage synthesizers and a collection of happy people making music under the name Uziel 33, who all went sour and broke up in all possible ways, reformed as Hiltipop, broke up, reformed as Topgun with new members, who all went sour and broke up and so on… Until 2012 when the founder and electronic motor SEM Hilti Johansson, reformed himself and decided to make a last stand with his favourites of the songs produced during this 15 years of turbulence. Topgun? Hiltipop? Yeah whatever… It´s all about the music.

  1. Never Never (If You Ever)
  2. The Amazing Setup
  3. Star
  4. Stupid
  5. Lies
  6. Honey
  7. Reason To Die
  8. Hatelove
  9. Evil
  10. Bound
  11. Mind Of A Boy
  12. Yeah Whatever…
  13. Reload
  14. The End