The Director’s Collection

Album by Godlike, released on 2012-07-02


Godlike – The Director’s Collection

Absolutely everything ever recorded under the Godlike moniker collected in one place, released 2012-07-02.

  1. Lovisa’s Song (Radio Edit)
  2. Stalker
  3. Lovisa’s Song (Extended)
  4. It Will Be Godlike
  5. Underground feat. Alexander Hofman
  6. It Will Be Godlike (Lip Service Remix)
  7. It Will Be Godlike (Revisited)
  8. Genetic Endeavour
  9. The Things That You Do
  10. Paradise
  11. Joseph
  12. Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
  13. The Director (Demo)
  14. Lovisa’s Song (Demo)
  15. Underground (Demo)
  16. Paradise (Pusstull4Chris4) (Demo)
  17. End Of The Story (Demo)
  18. Twentyone (Diskodiktator Remix)

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