Album by The Garland Cult, released on 2010-07-01


The Garland Cult – Monster

After several successful collaborations on previous releases The Garland Cult has evolved from its first steps as a side project from Empire State Human to a full fledged band with its own dedicated following. On this, the final release from this Irish duo, Aidan and Lar has fulfilled their goal in completing a marvelous album with the blend of glitter and pop that has become their trademark.

Along its brand new neighbors the previous single “Ether” has been reworked in an even more beautiful version. Other tracks worth mentioning are the cover of the Holly Johnson classic “Feel Good” and “Perfect Beat (Take Me To LA)” which features the talented Qubiq, most known for his brilliant remixes of other contemporary artists.

The Garland Cult has also teamed up with Robert Kiraly on the Scott Walker cover “30th Century Man” and Impostor on “Tantalize”. The album that contains 11 songs, ranging from the low key “The Raven” to the thoughtful “Holly Makes A Wonderful Star” dedicated to the late Derek ‘Holly’ Cantwell, to the glittering disco in “Perfect Beat (Take Me To LA)”. In other words, this album has everything without getting fuzzy and unfocused!

  1. 30th Century Man feat. Rob Kiraly
  2. Holly Makes A Wonderful Star
  3. Beautiful Girls
  4. Tantalize feat. Imposter
  5. Blind
  6. Perfect Beat (Take Me To LA) feat. Qubiq
  7. Glory, Glory
  8. Ether
  9. Out Of Pitch (But Still In Tune)
  10. Feel Good
  11. The Raven