Risque De Choc Electrique

Album by SULF, released on 2010-06-16


SULF – Risque de Choc Electrique

After years in the making the debut album from Finnish trio SULF is finally here! With their combination of powerful vocals and brilliant production the nine tracks could all be singles but for the benefit of your listening pleasure they have all been put together in a wonderful collection entitled “Risque de Choc Electrique”.

The title track has previously been released as a single that gained justified attention from national radio in Finland and we expect nothing less from the full length album!

With each track being a potential hit single it’s almost impossible to pick out just a few to mention in this limited space but have a listen to the amazing ballad “Human”, the heartfelt Knight Rider-ish theme “Everytime Love Fails” and the hard hitting “Sobriety (1982)” and naturally the title track to get a feel of what SULF is capable of. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  1. Sobriety (1982)
  2. Innocent Girl
  3. Human
  4. Everytime Love Fails
  5. Risque De Choc Electrique
  6. Stranger In A Strange Town
  7. Dress The Nation
  8. 50 Cigarettes
  9. Death Of A Famous Clown