Along with fellow club pioneer Alexander Hofman from S.P.O.C.K the Diskodiktator and Electric Fantastic Sound founder Johan Billing hosted a most popular party at Malmös hot-spot Izakaya Koi this week. Electric Fantastic Sound associate Steve Nilsson also performed selected hits from the DJ booth and the crowd got treated to …

Libra making soundtrack

Magdalena Krantz of Libra is currently working on new material for a forthcoming album but she is also working on songs for the soundtrack of a coming Swedish splatter movie called “En grav för Jimmy” (“A grave for Jimmy”), directed by Dan Hejman and produced by Dustbin Pictures.

Disco Wacko debuts with EP

The French electro outfit Disco Wacko is the solo project of Pedro Rousseau. His debut EP on Electric Fantastic Sound is entitled “Blue Box EP” and contains four very interesting tracks about a box and what it contains. The release date is set to August 8.

New single from Flux

Finnish trio Flux is back with a new single to follow up the critically acclaimed “Claws And Teeth” from last year. This is the second release from this electronic outfit with the new vocalist Salla Rimmi and the band has gone even further in their attempt to find the ultimate …

The Crashlanders return

Indie pop machinistas The Crashlanders return from a sidestep as Jean! The first sign of life will be the August 2011 release of a Greatest Hits album consisting of selected tracks from their self released first two albums “Mellan nätter och begär” and “Dit konsten aldrig når”. We are happy …