Voice Of Canvas

Voice of Canvas represents more than a musical endeavor; it is an expedition across the vast landscapes of sound, steered by the adept Swedish multi-instrumentalist Markus Persson. This auditory voyage is anchored in a deep exploration of electronic sounds, interlaced with psychedelic loops, celestial harmonies, and the complex dance of analog soundscapes.


Voice of Canvas defies conventional musical classifications, forging an entrancing blend of electronic atmospheres and instrumental mastery. Each piece stands as a tribute to Persson’s limitless imagination and skill, as he skillfully traverses a myriad of aural possibilities.


The distinctive feature of Voice of Canvas is its capacity to carry listeners to otherworldly realms, where the lines between the tangible and the fantastical fade away. Merging synthesized elements with natural musical instruments, Persson crafts vibrant auditory scenes that stir wonder and admiration.


From the rhythmic throbbing of a synthesizer to the ghostly cries of a guitar, or the gentle rustle of a flute, each component of Voice of Canvas is thoughtfully chosen to forge a captivating listening experience. This reflects Persson’s dedication to his art and his constant quest for the pinnacle of sound.


Listeners are drawn into the musical narrative, encouraged to let go and be swept up in a current of bliss and transcendence. With Markus Persson at the controls, the frontiers of electronic music are expanded, unveiling novel vistas of potential and unraveling cosmic mysteries, one melody at a time.