The Crashlanders

During the early 2010s, Malmö’s music scene was electrified by a trio known as The Crashlanders, whose fusion of electro clash and italo disco set the stage alight. The band, led by the dynamic vocalist Erika Nyström and the Löfstedt brothers, Nils Petter and Rasmus, became renowned for their energetic melodies and charismatic performances.


The Crashlanders distinguished themselves as innovators, merging the melancholic undertones of Swedish music with the lively beats of italo disco, crafting a distinct sound that resonated globally. They broke language barriers with their bilingual tracks, winning hearts with catchy hooks and powerful choruses.


The band experienced a phase of transformation, briefly adopting the name “Jean!” to explore new artistic directions. However, they returned to The Crashlanders, honoring their original style and dedicated followers.


Their most acclaimed work, the album “Nätter”, is celebrated for its exploration of the human condition through vibrant rhythms and evocative tunes, securing its place as a fan favorite and a testament to the band’s lasting influence.


  • Nätter

    Album by The Crashlanders, released on 2011-09-16