In the early 1990’s the underground was so much more underground than it is these days. In fact, as soon as a band that was considered underground reached a certain level of recognition – be it by luck or by hard work – other members of the underground would declare them a sell-out, and mock them as hard as possible.


In Malmö, Sweden, a group called S.P.O.C.K rose to fame with their electronic space pop inspired by the world of Star Trek, and the reactions from local students Jesper Ödemark and Johan Billing was swift and brutal: the creation of a parody band called Spännande Poppojkar Är Cyber Kopior, or in short S.P.Ä.C.K (which translates to “lard”) making low quality covers with altered lyrics, often depicting the members of the aforementioned band as having less moral standards and/or human qualities. At one point S.P.Ä.C.K was called to open for Belgian band A Split Second at a show in Malmö, which turned out quite weird as S.P.O.C.K had done the same some time earlier and all the bands were utterly confused…


Never the less, action had to be taken from S.P.O.C.K and the best way of shutting the mockery up was to recruit the musical director Johan Billing – who eventually turned out to become the beloved Plasteroid of Star Pilot On Channel K.