The electronic duo Romantica emerged in early 2005 when Danjel May and Hanna Larsson crossed paths in Visby, Gotland. They quickly formed a romantic and creative partnership, and their inaugural song “Raw Skin” received airtime on Swedish radio programme “P3 Lab”. This exposure led to local media attention and the production of their first demo.


Danjel May, previously involved in indie-pop/rock bands, pivoted to electronic music after his sound engineering and production studies. Composing on a laptop unleashed a new level of creativity beyond his guitar work. Meeting Hanna Larsson, who brought her singing and poetry-writing experiences from cities like London, New York, and Florence, solidified their artistic direction. Their sound evolved into a blend of melody and electronica, with Hanna’s voice becoming integral to Romantica’s identity.


Their initial live show was at Shindig at Munkkällaren in Visby, Gotland, leading to a deal with the label Electric Fantastic Sound. Their debut EP “Visby Vs. Sweden” featured five tracks that oscillated between robust songs and mellow, ambient sounds. Their subsequent EP “Not So Romantic” veers towards the latter style. Tracks like “Avenue B”, “Tripping”, and “White” share a thematic connection to New York. Romantica’s music is ideal for serene settings, such as after-parties or relaxation sessions, aiming to merge the realms of dreams and reality while expanding the listener’s perspective.