In the rich tapestry of Swedish synth-pop history, few figures loom as large as Kent Björnsson. Renowned as the captivating vocalist of the legendary band Native Cry, Björnsson’s musical journey took an intriguing turn with the inception of his solo project, Paug.


At the heart of Paug lies Björnsson’s singular vision – a sonic exploration that blends shimmering synths with infectious melodies to create a tapestry of sound that’s as nostalgic as it is contemporary. Drawing upon his experiences with Native Cry, Björnsson infuses Paug with a sense of musicality and depth that resonates with fans old and new.


But what sets Paug apart is not just its infectious beats or Björnsson’s velvety vocals; it’s the project’s deeply personal roots. The name itself, Paug, holds special significance – a word drawn from the rich tapestry of south Swedish dialects, meaning “little boy”. It’s a moniker that speaks to Björnsson’s own journey of self-discovery and artistic expression, a reminder of the innocence and wonder that lies at the heart of his music.


Through Paug, Kent invites listeners on a journey through shimmering synth-pop landscapes, where every beat pulses with emotion and every lyric tells a story. It’s a testament to his enduring passion for music and his unwavering commitment to crafting songs that resonate with the soul.


As the synth-pop scene continues to evolve, Paug stands as a shining example of artistic integrity and creative vision. With Björnsson at the helm, the project promises to enchant and captivate audiences for years to come, proving that sometimes, the most powerful music comes from the heart of a “little boy” with big dreams.


  • Fält

    Single by Paug, released on 2014-10-20