Partly Dave

Envision a musical act where a single person conjures every instrument, melody, and rhythm. This is the essence of Partly Dave, a solo electro-pop project that redefines the art of music-making.


Leading this venture is Johan Billing, a Swedish artist with an unbridled creative spirit. Equipped with electronic devices and synthesizers, Billing crafts complex auditory works that escape conventional labels. His compositions, ranging from dynamic beats to otherworldly tunes, showcase his artistic ingenuity and mastery over technology.


Partly Dave distinguishes itself not only through its unique sound but also through a novel approach to collaboration. Billing drew inspiration from the poignant poetry of American writer Jon Wedge. Using Wedge’s poetic imagery as a foundation, Billing composed musical settings that gave new dimension to the poetry, creating enveloping soundscapes.


Harnessing technology’s power and his own creative force, Billing animates Partly Dave, erasing the divide between artist and audience, between the creator and the creation. In every rousing show, he invites the audience to join him on an exploratory sonic voyage that goes beyond the confines of conventional ensembles, celebrating the unbounded scope of imagination.