The band started as SLUG in 1995 with John Lindqwister, Jesper Granquist and Jari Tissari. In 1996 Fredrik Lindgren joined and the band recorded a set of songs in Arlöv, Malmö. The name of the band was changed to Headtrip.Inc in 1997.
Autumn 1997 delivered another demo, produced by S.P.O.C.K-member Christer Hermodsson, which was distributed on the 1998 SEMA-CD.
Finally, a last demo involving external partners was produced 1998 in Helsingborg by Covenant-lieder Eskil Simonsson. The demo was properly released in 2006 – eight years after the fact – as retro EP-single Pure Past by label Electric Fantastic Sound.

Featured Releases:

  • Pure Past

    EP by Headtrip.Inc, released on 2006-01-02