Gender’s mission is to traverse the frontier of diverse musical styles, disregarding conventional genre limitations. Pinpointing the band’s unique sound is challenging; it’s best described as original, danceable electronic pop with infectious melodies and satirical lyrics that resonate deeply.


Moreover, Gender is pioneering a new narrative for modern masculinity. With tracks such as “Like A Machine” and “The Power,” the band challenges the traditional portrayal of manliness.


Formed in fall 2002 by childhood friends Johan Friman and Jesper Henke, their musical paths converged—Johan’s background in electronic dance music melded with Jesper’s upbringing on Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley tunes. This fusion likely accounts for Gender’s distinctive sound, where pulsating dance beats meet soulful pop narratives.


Since its formation, Gender has released two self-produced EPs, singles through the American label, garnered media attention, and established a reputation for their dynamic live performances. It’s their live shows, characterized by vigor and intensity, that have truly cemented their status in the electropop scene.


Their single “The Stranger” continues this legacy, blending ’90s breakbeats and acid tones with contemporary new wave hooks. The song delves into the internal struggle of concealing true emotions, encapsulated in the line, “I’m not your lover, I’m your friend.”


“The Stranger” epitomizes Gender’s signature style: rhythmic, dance-inducing beats paired with wry lyrics. Dive into the experience and enjoy!