Citation : Obsolete

Citation : Obsolete is the collaborative work of Robin James and Christian Ryan from Chicago, Illinois. Launched on September first, 2005, Citation : Obsolete was a project that assumed lineage in warehouse parties, new wave staccato, and post-postmodern continental theory. Musically the band draws from early 80’s underground italo disco, post-punk, and European synthpop, with vocals ranging in similarity from Peter Murphy to Gary Numan.


Series One, the first EP, combines irreparable snark, unabashed critique, and tongue-in-snear dance beats, providing the discotheque with enough synthpunk politics to stimulate body and intellect.


Robin James says: “I’m a classically trained musician, but this skill is about as relevant and useful as knowing how to operate a manual typewriter. I grew up on modern rock, but I’m now convinced that rock needs its own Schoenberg, because it is dead, obsolete, irrelevant to the 21st century.”


Christian Ryan says: “I’ve made both pop and avant-garde music. Regarding the shift from previous bands to Citation : Obsolete, it became clear that I no longer wanted to talk about internal, privatized issues. Additionally, I also began to see serious shortcomings in the modes and standards prescribed by rock, regardless of accompanying prefix (indie-, post-, punk, etc).”