Basswood Dollies

Formed in 2004, Basswood Dollies burst onto the scene with a bang, comprised of John Lindqwister, the iconic vocalist of Swedish cult band Cat Rapes Dog, and Joel Lindquist, the synth wizard and esteemed baker.


Their story is one of chance encounters and creative collaboration. It all began at a party where sparks flew and musical magic was born. A demo recording session soon followed, catapulting Basswood Dollies into the spotlight with their infectious energy and genre-defying sound.


But like all great tales, their journey took unexpected twists and turns. As John continued his work with Cat Rapes Dog and his other band, Machinista, and Joel focused on raising a family and building a successful business, Basswood Dollies quietly left the stage, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable live shows and outlandish outfits.


Speaking of outfits, Basswood Dollies were known for their eccentric fashion sense, with a favorite ensemble being the eye-catching red jackets crafted from second-hand rugs. Their bold sartorial choices were a reflection of their larger-than-life personalities and their fearless approach to music.


Though their time in the spotlight may have been fleeting, the impact of Basswood Dollies lingers on, a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration. With their energetic live performances and boundary-pushing sound, they carved out a unique space in the electro punk landscape, inspiring future generations of artists to embrace their individuality and push the limits of artistic expression.