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Ninjaspark (“ninja kick”) has their roots in Helsingborg in southern Sweden. They have made a name for themselves on the electronic music scene through their spectacular live shows and their happy and dance-friendly music. Among the precious shows this outfit has visited the Pixel Party in Paris, the Elektrostat festival in Oslo and their show at Arvikafestivalen had to be aborted due to the massive pressure in the audience! The mostly instrumental music from Ninjaspark features the sounds of the true old school electro pop – that of vintage computer games – and any of their songs could easily fit any happy-go-lucky game on Atari or Commodore 64.

Ninjaspark is featured on 6 releases:

“Riktiga robotar dör inte (Outtakes & Oddities)”

Album released on 2020-02-20

“Are Fucking Dead”

EP released on 2011-12-10

Participating on the sampler:
“Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011”

Track: “Rullskridskodisco (FuwaFuwa Remix)”

Album released on 2011-09-19

Participating on the sampler:
“Electric Fantastic Sound No.6 2010”

Track: “Du är discot i mitt hjärta (Val Venostra Remix)”

Album released on 2010-04-30

“Discot i vårt hjärta”

Album released on 2010-02-12

Participating on the sampler:
“Electric Fantastic Christmas 2009”

Track: “Arcturas Isslott”

Album released on 2009-12-01