Release in Focus

Various Artists
“Pool Sessions”

Catalog number: EFS-IA-043
UPC: 7350037670923

Album released: 2011-11-21

01Petter Seander – Lean On Me
Words and music by Petter Seander.
02Jannike Stenlund – Rise
Words and music by Jannike Stenlund.
Published by Future Productions.
03de Montevert – Du kommer ångra dig
Words and music by Ellinor Nilsson.
04Svante Karlsson – Kommer aldrig mer igen
Words and music by Svante Karlsson & Eddie Jonsson.
Published by Carland Productions.
05Summer Heart – Simple Minds
Words and music by David Alexander Ortenlöf.
06King Melodies – You Will Win
Words and music by Martin Emil Arne Bäcklin.
07Death In The Afternoon – Untitled 2
Words and music by Christian Nanzell.
08Blank Generation – The Movement
Music by Marcus Ardai & Daniel Tronelius & Tom Ljungman & Alexander Lindau. Words by Tom Ljungman.
09Tommy Svensson – So So Sweet
Words and music by Tommy Svensson.
10Slutet – Look On Down From The Bridge
Music by David Roback & Jennie Boije af Gennäs. Words by Hope Sandoval.
11Lucknow Pact – Seagulls
Words and music by Markus Johann Hasselblom & Therese Sara Maria Karlsson & Fredrik Bengt Eriksson & Mischa Hayman.
Published by Playground Music Publishing AB.
12Marble Hill – Lump Sum
Music by Samir Yosufi. Words by Justin Vernon.
13Hagaliden – Upp på höjden
Music by Petter Anders Utbult. Words by Tobias Daniel Müller.
14The Naima Train – Train In Reverse
Words and music by Maria Nyström.
15Elodrama – I Don’t Belong
Words and music by Camilla Bondesson.
16Marble Hill – Sitting (Bonus Track)
Music by Anders Svensson. Words by Samir Yosufi.

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