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Various Artists
“Electric Fantastic X-mas”

Catalog number: EFS-IA-009
UPC: n/a

Album released: 2006-12-08
01New Modern Angels – December
Words and music by Linnéa Brun & Christian Brun.
02Neurobash – Close Your Eyes
Words and music by Johan Andersson & Daniel Brandt.
03Soviet – Come Together… It’s Christmas
Words and music by Keith Ruggiero.
04Godlike – Joseph
Music by Pär Björklund. Words by Pär Björklund & Christopher Panov.
05Bloodgroup – Santa Baby
Words and music by Joan Javits & Philip Springer & Tony Springer.
06Libra – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Words and music by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff.
07Mikrowafle – Silent Night/Emotions Right
Words and music by Franz Gruber.
08Quelles Paroles – She Won’t Be Home
Words and music by Vince Clarke & Andy Bell.
09Diskodiktator – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Words and music by Traditional.
10Nouvelle Culture – Douce Nuit
Words and music by Traditional.
11Basswood Dollies – Last Christmas
Words and music by George Michael.

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