Compilation review

Our dear friends at Reflection of Darkness has a lot to say about our current label sampler so why not head on over to their site and read all about it? And while you are at it take the time to indulge yourself in the massive archive of articles, reviews and photos!

Are you still putting sugar and lemon on your hair? Do you love the 80’s synth-pop but none of your friends knows anything about it? Then this compilation is for you.


Label sampler coming

Since the founding of the label in 2005 Electric Fantastic Sound has released a collection of our band each year. Naturally 2011 is no different and it is with great pride we celebrate the seventh edition of our label sampler called “Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011”. The release date is set to September 19 and this time we’re showing off twenty tracks from twenty artists…

Nena And The Superyeahs
Italian group Nena And The Superyeahs is on it.

There are bands from Sweden, Finland, Ireland, the UK, France and Italy represented so this is truly a pan-European collection of up-to-date electronic pop! Some of the included artists might be known to you already, others are brand new acquaintances and naturally we would like to see you enjoying all of them and perhaps also finding some new favourites. As the release date is coming closer we will present more of the participants but until then take our word for it – it will be a killer collection and as usual available at a very reasonable price!


Along with fellow club pioneer Alexander Hofman from S.P.O.C.K the Diskodiktator and Electric Fantastic Sound founder Johan Billing hosted a most popular party at Malmös hot-spot Izakaya Koi this week. Electric Fantastic Sound associate Steve Nilsson also performed selected hits from the DJ booth and the crowd got treated to a non stop output of Depeche Mode favourites and the black celebration didn’t end until into the wee hours of the morning. A big Thank You to all who showed up and naturally to the ever so wonderful crew at Izakaya Koi! The normal Spacelab scheme is back at Vinylbaren later this year…

Summer Spacelab
Some of the guests at the summer Spacelab party.

New single from Flux

Finnish trio Flux is back with a new single to follow up the critically acclaimed “Claws And Teeth” from last year. This is the second release from this electronic outfit with the new vocalist Salla Rimmi and the band has gone even further in their attempt to find the ultimate mixture of pop, electronics and a healthy dose of Finnish melancholy.

It has been a long process to find the formula for the new version of the band since the previous singer was replaced after the release of the “Safe + Sound” album. The release date is set to July 25 2011.

Flux - Concrete

“Concrete” is a song about self-esteem and self-image and it was recorded in the land of a thousand lakes and Ville Brusi of the band says: “This one is refreshingly different from our previous singles but except for that there’s really not much we can say more than that it was terribly cold when we recorded it.”

I like how the French version sounds French, the US version sounds American and so on…

The single contains the title track and the exclusive B-side “Ebon” and three bonus remixes by the French band Foretaste, Christopher Anton from the American group Information Society and a very analogue remix from Diskodiktator done entirely on vintage Korg MS-synthesizers! Ville Brusi says: “The Foretaste remix has shades of French cold wave in it, Christopher Anton brings good old American muscle to the song and Diskodiktator remix is very stylish and retro, a kind of a Scandinavian point of view. I like how the French version sounds French, the US version sounds American and so on…”

A new album is in the works and “Concrete” is a teaser of what’s coming!

Diskodiktator releases cover album

The Swedish electro outfit Diskodiktator has released a full cover of the 1993 debut album from space pioneers S.P.O.C.K – a band Johan Billing of Diskodiktator was a member of between 1994 and 1998. The album called “Five Year Mission” contains all ten tracks of the original in some slightly different versions…

Apart from the members of the Diskodiktator Electric Orchestra guest vocals are provided by Linnéa Brun from New Modern Angels and Christopher Panov from Godlike. The album is only available as a free download from the Diskodiktator SoundCloud page.