Debut album from PMtoyou out in May

PMtoyou, based in Malmö, Sweden, has completed their debut album! Ten songs with musical tones evolving from an increasingly developed sound. These alternative pop songs portraits a organic, progressive and electrifying soundscapes filled with strong melodies, powerful vocals, crisp guitar loops and heavy bass. On May 29 the album called “Me Mine Gone” will be digitally released and later it will also arrive on a limited edition vinyl. Since its inception in 2012 PMtoyou received several new members and currently consists of Anton Thoursie , Roland Johansson , Emilia Blom, Martin Ljungberg and Oliver Rangtåhl. Upcoming shows: May 7: Babel, Malmö May 16: Kajskjul, Halmstad August 8: Jönköpingsfesten

Flux Fin review

We are all about other people telling you how good our releases are – this time Side-Line Music Magazine lay it out for you: Vesa Rainne and Ville Brusi have always impressed me with their particular taste to mix vintage (analogue) sound together with modern sound treatments, but what they’ve accomplished on this new work simply sounds genius. Link

Anton Weber returns!

With the current trend being new material from old bands Electric Fantastic Sound has no other option but to dig deep into the vaults of Anton Weber. A new album is coming later in 2015 – until then you will have to make due with the brilliant new single “From Russia With Love” out on February 2.

Flux Fin does it AGAIN!

It usually quite easy to be humble but when the most influential electronic music blog of the world announces its “Top 20 Synthpop Albums of 2014” it’s hard not to get nervous. Flux Fin, our friends from Finland, helps me as the label relax and takes place along with several worthy bands like Iamamiwhoami and Erasure by securing a position among the top ten! Ever aware of the importance of googleability, former Finnish trio Flux re-branded themselves as Flux Fin, brought in vocalist Karoliina Karppinen, and proceeded to release one of the best synthpop albums of the year. See for yourself by reading the full list!