The Crashlanders return

Indie pop machinistas The Crashlanders return from a sidestep as Jean! The first sign of life will be the August 2011 release of a Greatest Hits album consisting of selected tracks from their self released first two albums “Mellan nätter och begär” and “Dit konsten aldrig når”.

The Crashlanders

We are happy to announce that a new album is in the works which will be released later this year.

Diskodiktator releases cover album

The Swedish electro outfit Diskodiktator has released a full cover of the 1993 debut album from space pioneers S.P.O.C.K – a band Johan Billing of Diskodiktator was a member of between 1994 and 1998. The album called “Five Year Mission” contains all ten tracks of the original in some slightly different versions…

Apart from the members of the Diskodiktator Electric Orchestra guest vocals are provided by Linnéa Brun from New Modern Angels and Christopher Panov from Godlike. The album is only available as a free download from the Diskodiktator SoundCloud page.