Coming releases in 2012

We’ve got some exciting releases coming this year and among them here are some… Atari Cowboy, Social Ambitions, Flux, Libra and Diskodiktator have all finished recording new material. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Some of the 2012 releases.

Atari Cowboy gets liked

Our friends at German magazine Reflection of Darkness has heard and liked the Atari Cowboy debut EP “The Fuzz” and it’s always nice to see good music get appreciated.

With their very first step Atari Cowboy showed a nice potential, what could actually mean that they would be worthy successors of already mentioned IAMX.

Who are we to disagree?


Coming releases

Here at the Electric Fantastic Sound headquarters we’ve been busy looking for new and exciting music and we have some very interesting releases coming your way! Among the more recent is a brand new split effort between Slutet and k0NG, an album from Italian electronic outfit N_Sambo and a very cool collection of songs recorded this summer as part of the Pool Sessions

Thinking of all the great new releases makes my beard shine.

Releases that are still being planned and recorded contains Ninjaspark, Libra, Quelles Paroles, Departed and Atari Cowboy

Atari Cowboy release party

Jonas Avertoft and the rest of Atari Cowboy invite you all to take part of the celebration of the birth of their debut EP, a nice little number called “The Fuzz”. The party and live performance will happen in Malmös famous Vinylbaren on October 5 at about seven or eight in the evening. Get your rocks and your socks on!

Atari Cowboy at a previous concert

If you’re on Facebook you’ll find more information about the event by clicking here.