There are 18 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in September:

2007-09-01"Visby vs. The World"
Album by Romantica
2015-09-01"Grit, Guts And Glory Remixes"
Single by Flux Fin
Single by Libra
2010-09-06"Completely Remixed"
Single by Libra
2006-09-07"Just Say 'No!' To Democrazy 2006"
Single by Diskodiktator
2009-09-07"Purple Heart"
Single by James Leon
2014-09-08"FRBFRT STHLM"
Album by Raba Hiff
2006-09-15"Eslöv By The Sea"
Album by Neurobash
Single by The Garland Cult
Album by The Crashlanders
2010-09-18"Do You Want To Go"
Single by Social Ambitions
2011-09-19"Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011"
Album by Various Artists
2007-09-25"Center Of Attention"
Album by Topgun
2007-09-25"Me In Universe (Universe In Me)"
Single by Basswood Dollies
2007-09-29"Something Real"
Album by Libra
2015-09-29"Diskodiktator vs. The World Vol.3"
Album by Diskodiktator
2013-09-30"Never Follow Anything Remix"
Single by Atari Cowboy
2013-09-30"Random Mark"
Single by Diskodiktator