Release Of The Day

There are 17 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in May:

Single by New Modern Angels
2008-05-01"United States Of Hate"
Album by Basswood Dollies
Single by Exx
2006-05-02"Shallow Pool"
Single by Neurobash
2007-05-03"If I Was A Girl"
Single by Gender
2013-05-06"Yoni Berlin"
Single by Social Ambitions
Album by Klas Knastermus
Single by Slutet
2006-05-22"Not So Romantic"
Single by Romantica
2006-05-26"Electric Fantastic Sound No.2 2006"
Album by Various Artists
2006-05-26"Anton Weber"
Album by Anton Weber
Single by Social Ambitions
2007-05-27"The Good Ones"
EP by New Modern Angels
2006-05-28"The Stranger"
Single by Gender
2015-05-29"Me Mine Gone"
Album by PMtoyou
2015-05-29"The Love"
Album by Anton Weber
2014-05-31"Malmö C förklarad"
Album by Diskodiktator