Release Of The Day

There are 10 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in October:

2012-10-01"Defences / All Out EP"
EP by Flux Fin
2011-10-05"The Fuzz"
EP by Atari Cowboy
2012-10-05"The World Is Empty, Paint It Red - A Tribute To Verner EP"
EP by Slutet
2015-10-12"Electric Fantastic Sound 2005-2015"
Album by Various Artists
2010-10-15"Almost Gone"
Album by Social Ambitions
2010-10-15"k0NG/Slutet Split EP"
EP by k0NG+Slutet
2013-10-19"I'm Ready To Try"
Single by Libra
Single by Paug
2013-10-21"Love Toys & Molotovs"
Album by Yva & The Toy George
Album by Raba Hiff