Release Of The Day

There are 16 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in February:

2009-02-02"The Best Of Diskodiktator"
Album by Diskodiktator
2015-02-02"From Russia With Love"
EP by Anton Weber
2007-02-03"Fair Passenger EP"
EP by Voice Of Canvas
Album by Libra
2008-02-09"Electric Woman"
Single by Flux
2014-02-10"Music For Porno"
EP by FKK Jugend
2009-02-11"Art Of Survival Remixes"
Single by I, Synthesist
2010-02-12"Discot i vårt hjärta"
Album by Ninjaspark
2012-02-13"Autotune Your Life"
Single by Atari Cowboy
EP by Slutet
2006-02-18"The One"
Single by Topgun
2011-02-19"The Almost Gone Single"
Single by Social Ambitions
2012-02-27"Motivational Chants"
Album by Flux
EP by Social Ambitions
Single by Flux
2006-02-28"Visby vs. Sweden"
EP by Romantica