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"Split Single" by k0NG+Slutet

Single released today in 2010.

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There are 16 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in December:

2005-12-01"We Are..."
Album by Diskodiktator
2008-12-01"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2008"
Album by Various Artists
2009-12-01"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2009"
Album by Various Artists
2007-12-04"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2007"
Album by Various Artists
2010-12-04"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2010"
Album by Various Artists
2006-12-08"Electric Fantastic X-mas"
Album by Various Artists
2011-12-10"Are Fucking Dead"
EP by Ninjaspark
2009-12-12"Risque de Choc Electrique"
Single by SULF
2007-12-14"I'll Have It Strange"
EP by New Modern Angels
2010-12-16"Split Single"
Single by k0NG+Slutet
2005-12-19"Basswood Dollies"
EP by Basswood Dollies
2010-12-20"Bad Panda Sampler 2010"
Album by Various Artists
EP by Topgun
2005-12-24"Big City Night Life"
Single by Diskodiktator
2005-12-26"Singles '05"
Single by Diskodiktator
2005-12-27"A Second Chance"
EP by Neurobash