There are 16 releases on Electric Fantastic Sound in June:

2009-06-01"Electric Fantastic Sound No.5 2009"
Album by Various Artists
2014-06-02"Malmö C"
Album by Diskodiktator
2006-06-03"Slow Motion"
EP by Topgun
Single by Social Ambitions
2008-06-05"Date Rape Lovers"
Single by The Fourth Criminal
2006-06-06"Die Young : Stay Pretty"
Album by The Thought Criminals
2008-06-06"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008"
Album by Various Artists
2015-06-06"Alien Alien Worlds"
Album by Diskodiktator
2012-06-06"Never Follow Anything"
Single by Atari Cowboy
2008-06-06"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008 Cassette"
MC by Various Artists
Album by Social Ambitions
2007-06-15"Gone For Good"
Single by Romantica
2010-06-16"Risque de Choc Electrique"
Album by SULF
Single by Anton Weber
2009-06-24"C'est mon Coeur"
Single by Mockba80
2009-06-29"Fem månaders misstag"
EP by S.P..C.K