Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008 Cassette"

Release date:2008-06-06
Catalogue number:EFS-MC-020
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-08-020xx
01. The Garland Cult - "BoyGeorgeICON (Edit)"
   Words and music by Aidan Casserly.

02. Kites With Lights - "Sound Of The Rain"
   Words and music by Jonah Cordy.

03. Exx - "Sans Boussole"
   Music by Frederic Kooshmanian & Sauveur Mallia. Words by Anges Falk.

04. Basswood Dollies - "Seven Nation Army (Edit)"
   Words and music by Jack White.

05. Social Ambitions - "The Strip (Edit)"
   Words and music by Anders Karlsson & Mikael Arborelius.

06. The Fourth Criminal - "She's A Doll (Edit)"
   Words and music by Markus Pesonen.

07. Godlike - "Genetic Endeavor (Edit)"
   Music by Pär Björklund. Words by Christopher Panov.

08. Flux - "Protected (Edit)"
   Words and music by Ville Brusi & Vesa Rainne & Asta Emilia Pylkkänen.
   Published by na-no Tuotanto.

09. Gender - "The Power (Edit)"
   Words and music by Johan Friman & Jesper Henke.

10. New Modern Angels - "Girl (Edit)"
   Words and music by Linnéa Brun & Christian Brun.

11. The Thought Criminals - "Brixton Briefcase"
   Words and music by Tony Messenger.

12. Alison - "Dance Floor Killers"
   Words and music by Magnus Johansson & Karin Bolin Derne.

13. Diskodiktator - "The Light"
   Music by Johan Billing.