Various Artists
"A Jazz-Axel Compilation Tape"

Release date:2008-07-25
Catalogue number:EFS-ID-013
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-08-013xx
01. P.D. Strike - "Reggie Kray"
   Words and music by Johan Billing.

02. Missljud - "New Economic Politics (Special Destroyed Edit)"
   Words and music by Thomas Ekström.

03. Genetic Stress DI-source - "V S S P (+2)"
   Music by Johan Billing.

04. DeRekum Trio - "Anthropophagi"
   Words and music by Erik Cronqvist.

05. Gas - "Never Move Alone (Twice)"
   Words and music by Daniel Knoll & Fredrik Nilsson.

06. Clog 2 - "Revoke"
   Words and music by Johan Billing.