Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011"

Release date:2011-09-19
Catalogue number:EFS-IA-040
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-11-010xx
01. Social Ambitions - "Commandments"
   Music by Anders Karlsson & Mikael Arborelius. Words by Anders Karlsson.

02. Nena And The Superyeahs - "A Little Of You"
   Words and music by Serena Marinelli.

03. Gretta Gunn - "Bop"
   Words and music by Gretta Gunn.

04. Atari Cowboy - "Autotune Your Life"
   Words and music by Jonas Avertoft.

05. Disco Wacko - "Friendly Teddy"
   Words and music by Pedro Rousseau.

06. The Crashlanders - "När vi faller"
   Music by Rasmus Löfstedt & Nils Petter Löfstedt. Words by Nils Petter Löfstedt & Erika Nyström.

07. Departed - "Until The Moment Comes"
   Music by Valdi Solemo. Words by Valdi Solemo & Magnus Johnsson.

08. Mockba80 - "Falling"
   Words and music by Andreas Szegö.

09. N_Sambo - "When I'm Alone"
   Words and music by Nicola Sambo.

10. Ninjaspark - "Rullskridskodisco (FuwaFuwa Remix)"
   Music by Jim Knutsson & Pär Fredriksson.

11. Flux - "Concrete"
   Words and music by Ville Brusi & Vesa Rainne & Salla Rimmi.

12. Libra - "Fulfilled"
   Words and music by Magdalena Krantz.

13. Quelles Paroles - "Terms Of Alloy"
   Words and music by Andreas Axelson & Marcus Hansson.

14. Decency - "Doesn't Matter"
   Words and music by Decency.

15. Slutet - "Pskybryt (Kontinentaleuropa Remix)"
   Music by Jim Knutsson & Anton Södergren & Tomas Anderberg & Cecilia Andersson.

16. New Modern Angels - "St. Petersburg (Edit)"
   Words and music by Linnéa Brun & Christian Brun.

17. Spilstar - "Zombie"
   Words and music by Kenneth Larsen.

18. The Garland Cult - "Ether (feat. Synthetik FM)"
   Words and music by Aidan Casserly.

19. The Thought Criminals - "Pay Her To Lay Her"
   Words and music by Tony Messenger.

20. Diskodiktator - "Never Trust A Klingon (Edit)"
   Music by Eddie Bengtsson. Words by Alexander Hofman.