Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2010"

Release date:2010-12-04
Catalogue number:EFS-IA-037
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-10-014xx
01. Soviet - "Come Together... It's Christmas"
   Words and music by Keith Ruggiero.

02. Quelles Paroles - "December 24th"
   Words and music by Andreas Axelson & Marcus Hansson.

03. Fred Frost - "White Christmas"
   Music by Irving Berlin. Words by Garrison Hintz.

04. New Modern Angels - "Snowflakes"
   Words and music by Linnéa Brun & Christian Brun.

05. Libra - "Cold Tears"
   Words and music by Magdalena Krantz.

06. Diskodiktator - "Send Me Someone For Christmas"
   Words and music by Johan Billing.

07. Atari Cowboy - "2 Hawaii"
   Words and music by Jonas Avertoft.

08. Hyperbubble - "Away In A Manger"
   Words and music by Traditional.

09. Godlike - "Joseph"
   Music by Pär Björklund. Words by Pär Björklund & Christopher Panov.

10. The Garland Cult - "Blue Heart For Christmas"
   Words and music by Aidan Casserly.

11. Schmoof - "Turn On Christmas"
   Words and music by Schmoof.

12. Grupe Sportas - "Xmas"
   Words and music by Grupe Sportas.

13. Jean! - "Mer jul!"
   Music by Tomas Adolphson & Anders Falk. Words by Anders Falk.

14. Kimmel Yulemand - "O, Helga Natt"
   Music by Adolphe Adam. Words by Augustin Kock.

15. Centrum - "Staffan var en stalledräng"
   Words and music by Traditional.

16. Tiger Baby - "This Christmas (Full Version)"
   Words and music by Tiger Baby.