Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2007"

Release date:2007-12-04
Catalogue number:EFS-IA-016
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-07-029xx
01. Romantica - "Home For Christmas"
   Music by Danjel May. Words by Hanna May.

02. Godlike - "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)"
   Words and music by John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

03. Tiger Baby - "This Christmas (Single Version)"
   Words and music by Tiger Baby.

04. Libra - "All For You"
   Words and music by Magdalena Krantz.

05. Centrum - "Staffan var en stalledräng"
   Words and music by Traditional.

06. PLAS-TICK - "Last Christmas"
   Words and music by George Michael.

07. Quelles Paroles - "December 24th"
   Words and music by Andreas Axelson & Marcus Hansson.

08. Hyperbubble - "Away In A Manger"
   Words and music by Traditional.

09. The Thought Criminals - "Party Till The Police Come"
   Words and music by Tony Messenger.

10. EkoBrottsMyndigheten - "Dansa nu då tomtejävel"
   Words and music by EkoBrottsMyndigheten.

11. Neurobash - "Mistress For X-Mas"
   Words and music by Angus Young & Malcolm Young.

12. Diskodiktator - "Christmas Groove"
   Music by Johan Billing.