Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.3 2007"

Release date:2007-04-08
Catalogue number:EFS-IA-010
ISRC prefix:SE-WPG-07-011xx
01. Social Ambitions - "Burning"
   Words and music by Anders Karlsson & Mikael Arborelius.

02. Alison - "Love Fool"
   Words and music by Magnus Johansson & Karin Bolin Derne.

03. Gender - "Stretch, Bend, Twist And Turn"
   Words and music by Johan Friman & Jesper Henke.

04. The Garland Cult - "Pity Party (Daybehaviour Remix)"
   Words and music by Aidan Casserly.

05. Quelles Paroles - "Colosseum"
   Words and music by Marcus Hansson.

06. Godlike - "Underground (feat. Hofman)"
   Music by Pär Björklund. Words by Pär Björklund & Christopher Panov.

07. Citation : Obsolete - "Your Business Is Our Pleasure"
   Words and music by Christian Ryan.

08. The Thought Criminals - "AK47 (Papa's Got A Brand New Gun)"
   Words and music by Tony Messenger.

09. Basswood Dollies - "Looking Out From The Crack"
   Music by Joel Lindqvist. Words by John Lindqwister.

10. Romantica - "Raw Skin"
   Music by Danjel May. Words by Danjel May & Hanna May.

11. Libra - "Sincere"
   Words and music by Magdalena Krantz.

12. Voice Of Canvas - "Only Nothing"
   Words and music by Markus Persson.

13. Diskodiktator - "29"
   Words and music by Lloyd Cole.

14. Neurobash - "Enter Ladonia"
   Words and music by Johan Billing.

15. New Modern Angels - "I'll Have It All"
   Words and music by Linnéa Brun & Christian Brun.

16. Topgun - "Evil"
   Words and music by Magnus Johansson.