New Modern Angels

Some bands spend their whole career looking for their signature sound but New Modern Angels started by doing just that. Linnea and Christian produced a low key solution to the eternal problem of mixing soft female vocals with harsh electronic sounds that struck a chord with lovers of electronica all over the planet. Participating on numerous samplers has also helped spread the word of their unique style. Linnea has also supplied vocals for several other bands, Quelles Paroles and Diskodiktator to name just a few.

New Modern Angels is featured on 14 releases:

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011"

Track: "St. Petersburg (Edit)"

Album released on 2011-09-19

New Modern Angels
"A Cure"

Tracks: 7

Album released on 2011-03-01

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2010"

Track: "Snowflakes"

Album released on 2010-12-04

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.6 2010"

Track: "Det syns ingen snö"

Album released on 2010-04-30

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.5 2009"

Track: "I'll Have It All (Sonnert Remix)"

Album released on 2009-06-01

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008"

Track: "The Good Ones"

Album released on 2008-06-06

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008 Cassette"

Track: "Girl (Edit)"

MC released on 2008-06-06

New Modern Angels
"I'll Have It Strange"

Tracks: 6

EP released on 2007-12-14

New Modern Angels
"The Good Ones"

Tracks: 6

EP released on 2007-05-27

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.3 2007"

Track: "I'll Have It All"

Album released on 2007-04-08

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic X-mas"

Track: "December"

Album released on 2006-12-08

New Modern Angels
"I'll Have It All"

Tracks: 4

Single released on 2006-11-01

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.2 2006"

Track: "Strangething (Edit)"

Album released on 2006-05-26

New Modern Angels

Tracks: 3

Single released on 2006-05-01