I, Synthesist

I, Synthesist is featured on 7 releases:

I, Synthesist

Tracks: 4

Single released on 2010-07-25

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.6 2010"

Track: "Falling Circles"

Album released on 2010-04-30

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Christmas 2009"

Track: "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

Album released on 2009-12-01

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.5 2009"

Track: "Time Machine (Dance Version)"

Album released on 2009-06-01

I, Synthesist
"Art Of Survival Remixes"

Tracks: 6

Single released on 2009-02-11

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound No.4 2008"

Track: "Moon Song (Radio Edit)"

Album released on 2008-06-06

I, Synthesist
"Art Of Survival"

Tracks: 11

Album released on 2007-11-09