Flux Fin

Back in 2008 the label was approached by a group from Finland. The sleek sultry vocals of their female singers backed up by intriguing ways of using musical electronics blew not only the label away but the band has gained a well deserved fanbase all around the world. Their track “Claws and Teeth” has even been reworked and used in a high school musical in San Diego, CA.

Flux Fin is featured on 10 releases:

Flux Fin
"Such Is Life"

Tracks: 1

Single released on 2018-07-04

Flux Fin
"Reality Bites"

Tracks: 1

Single released on 2017-10-01

Flux Fin
"No Wonder"

Tracks: 1

Single released on 2017-08-01

Flux Fin

Tracks: 2

Single released on 2017-03-03

Various Artists
"Electric Fantastic Sound 2005-2015"

Track: "Protected (2015 Digital Remaster)"

Album released on 2015-10-12

"Diskodiktator vs. The World Vol.3"

Track: "Concrete (Diskodiktator Korg MS-Remix)"

Album released on 2015-09-29

Flux Fin
"Grit, Guts And Glory Remixes"

Tracks: 4

Single released on 2015-09-01

Flux Fin
"Grit, Guts And Glory"

Tracks: 10

Album released on 2014-11-28

Flux Fin
"Cold Shiver"

Tracks: 3

Single released on 2013-08-19

Flux Fin
"Defences / All Out EP"

Tracks: 6

EP released on 2012-10-01