Anton Weber

The band Anton Weber was founded in Skara, Sweden in 1976 and used the early 80's to develop their sound to something that would intrigue that great label guru from the same town. However, the band refused to change their lyrics to Swedish and soon after they disbanded and was presumed to be categorized in that "can't really remember their name but they had some great tunes" folder of our collective mind. Thanks to the internet - Anton Weber lives to see another day!

Anton Weber is featured on 4 releases:

Anton Weber
"The Love"

Tracks: 12

Album released on 2015-05-29

Anton Weber
"From Russia With Love"

Tracks: 6

EP released on 2015-02-02

Anton Weber
"Anton Weber"

Tracks: 9

Album released on 2006-08-08

Anton Weber

Tracks: 3

Single released on 2006-06-24