This must be good…

With the release of the new album by The Crashlanders on Friday reviews have started to come in but this one is my personal favourite; our Korean friends at Celluloide Electronic Pop Webzine has written something about the album that I can only interpret as something really nice. :-) View and read the review here – in Korean.

Crashlanders nominated

One of the three members of The Crashlanders, Nils Petter Löfstedt, is one of the five runners up to the prestigious Photo Book of the Year for his amazing project “The Pier”. If you haven’t seen or heard about it – check out the project on YouTube! And also, The Crashlanders album is out on Friday!

Label sampler coming

Since the founding of the label in 2005 Electric Fantastic Sound has released a collection of our band each year. Naturally 2011 is no different and it is with great pride we celebrate the seventh edition of our label sampler called “Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011”. The release date is set to September 19 and this time we’re showing off twenty tracks from twenty artists… There are bands from Sweden, Finland, Ireland, the UK, France and Italy represented so this is truly a pan-European collection of up-to-date electronic pop! Some of the included artists might be known to you already, others are brand new acquaintances and naturally we would like to see you enjoying all of them and perhaps also finding some new favourites. As the release date is coming closer we will present more of the participants but until then take our word for it – it will be a …

The Crashlanders return

Indie pop machinistas The Crashlanders return from a sidestep as Jean! The first sign of life will be the August 2011 release of a Greatest Hits album consisting of selected tracks from their self released first two albums “Mellan nätter och begär” and “Dit konsten aldrig når”. We are happy to announce that a new album is in the works which will be released later this year.